"Weight management - Check Up with Excess /Lack of Weight program"

Purpose of medical diagnostics

The comprehensive medical diagnostics is a package of procedures that can promptly identify risk factor for development of gynecological, oncological disease, excess or lack of weight as well as functional disorders in cardiovascular system.

What are the benefits?

The whole-body diagnostics offers:

  • Updated results of your previous diagnostics or initial examination if you have never had it before
  • Exact information about risk factors for development of serious diseases and disorders
  • In-depth examination to identify symptoms of hidden diseases
  • Accurate diagnosis with the cutting edge medical equipment
  • Individual approach of our team

Scope of comprehensive diagnostics

Check-up stages are as follows:

  • Laboratory and instrumental examinations for early diagnostics of serious diseases with heavy consequences for your body;
  • Accurate diagnosis based on the obtained information and medical examination results
  • Personalized comprehensive treatment program depending on your peculiarities (contraindications, gender, age, etc.).

What is the target audience (gender, health problems, age)?

The comprehensive diagnostics is good for people of any age and health. However, there is a certain list of recommendations for each age group:

  • at the age of 20-29 you should get examined by a gynecologist, physician, and have general samples taken
  • at the age of 30-39 the above-mentioned should be extended with electrocardiography, ultrasound of abdomen and great vessels, and examination by an ophthalmologist.
  • at the age of 40-49 it is reasonable to add X-ray, gastroscopy, mammography, and ultrasound of cardiovascular system.
  • after 50 all the above-mentioned should be supplemented with the colonoscopy and examination by a neurologist.

Please note that these are only general guidelines. Each particular case requires medical consultation.

Whole-body examination – Basic Check Up program

This is an expanded program of medical diagnostics which includes consultation with a physician, vegetative resonance testing, and mediscreen. It is aimed to identify risk factors for serious diseases at the initial stage of their development and to recognize disorders even in the absence of obvious symptoms.

Scope of the Basic Check Up program

The Basic Check Up program is designed as a package of procedures allowing to perform diagnostics, identify risk factors for development of any serious diseases and develop a tailor-made program for prevention and treatment based on your peculiarities, contraindications and other important aspects.

Diagnostic procedures included in the program are as follows:

  • Vegetative resonance testing (diagnostics by VRT)
  • ECG taking and interpreting
  • Thermal imaging
  • Bio impedance analysis of body composition
  • ECG and blood pressure monitoring
  • Whole-body ultrasound

Besides, the program offers some laboratory tests:

  • Complete blood count and urinalysis
  • Coagulogram
  • Biochemical blood analysis
  • Hormonal panel
  • Smear examination
  • Onco-screening panel for females
  • Screening for admission to hospital

Based on the results of diagnostics and laboratory tests, our physician, dentist, gynecologist and cosmetologist will give you medical advice and develop a tailored program for prevention and treatment of revealed disorders.

Early diagnostics and identification of risk factors for development of serious diseases provide an opportunity to avoid negative consequences and stay healthy.

We offer the whole package of procedures included in the Basic Check Up program for 18,000 rubles.

Express examination – Check Up VRT program

Vegetative resonance test (VRT) is a method of electropuncture diagnostics based on the principles of traditional Chinese medicine that helps identify risks of pathology development within a short time.

With its accuracy of 93% VRT is very close to ultrasound, but it outperforms the latter in terms of its coverage and can predict results of treatment procedures and the necessity to modify treatment strategy. Due to its reasonable price this up-to-date and comfortable examination technique can be afforded by many people.

Scope of the Check Up VRT program

The Check Up VRT examination provides for a package of treatments allowing to perform diagnostics, identify risk factors for development of any serious diseases and develop a tailor-made program for prevention and treatment based on the peculiarities of your body, contraindications and other important aspects.

  1. Consultation with a physician. A talk with an attentive and knowledgeable doctor, a member of our professional team, will be the first important step in the course of stage-by-stage examination of your body. The doctor will carefully listen to you, consider your complaints, find out your concerns and collect general information about the condition of your body.
  2. Vegetative resonance testing (VRT). This method has long proved itself as a diagnostic approach to body examination. Based on the principles of electropuncture diagnostics applied in traditional Chinese medicine, it is supplemented with the latest medical technologies. Your body is subject to a kind of scanning with frequencies that can identify pathologies (if any) and prompt of their presence by changes in the amplitude of oscillations. The session takes about 2-3 hours.
  3. This method is used to identify functional disorders in organs and systems via biologically active points on wrists and feet.

Early diagnostics and identification of risk factors for development of serious diseases provide an opportunity to avoid negative consequences and stay healthy.

We offer the whole package of procedures included in the Check Up VRT for about 3,000 rubles.

The problem of excess or lack of body weight, various metabolic disorders and problems arising out of them is very common for modern world. This field-specific diagnostic program developed by our specialists is aimed at identification of the causes of overweight or weight deficit and working out of comprehensive tailor-made solutions for weight management.

Details of program Check Up with Excess /Lack of weight

This program offers a number of diagnostic procedures and consultation with specialists in overweight / underweight issues.

  • Vegetative Resonance Testing
  • Laboratory diagnostics (a set of necessary analyses)
  • Live blood analysis (Haemoscanning)
  • Ultrasound diagnosis of various organs
  • Functional diagnostics
  • Professional medical advice (general practitioner, endocrinologist, psychologist, functional diagnostics specialist).


You will receive important information about the state of your body and recommendations including the following:

  • Review of diagnostic results and laboratory analysis
  • Calculation and correction of the meal plan based on the information obtained that suits particular characteristics of your body
  • Drawing up a weighing and measuring plan and psychological support session.

With this program you will get professional medical check-up and advice from experienced doctors without any waste of time.

Price of the program Check Up with Excess /Lack of Weight is 18,000 rubles.

Examination of the cardiovascular system - Check Up Cardio program

One of the most important tasks that affect the quality of life and the state of health of every person whose heart is constantly stressed by work and high pace of big city life is to prevent cardiovascular diseases. 

Cardiological diagnostics program is designed for those subject to one or several risk factors inducing vascular diseases and patients with complaints on the way their cardiovascular system functions.

The main objective of the program is to identify and assess known risk factors of cardiovascular disease development.

Details of cardiovascular examination program Check Up Cardio

The program is a whole set of diagnostic and preventive procedures aimed at examining the state of your cardiovascular system and developing of an individual treatment program based on the results of diagnostics and laboratory tests.

  • Vegetative Resonance Testing
  • Complex laboratory diagnostics includes onco screening, hormones analysis, chemistry panel and urine chemistry, unfolded coagulogram, d-dimer and smear test
  • Ultrasound diagnosis of the heart and other organs
  • Functional diagnostics (ECG, video colposcopy)

Based on the results of tests and diagnostics a team of our qualified medical specialists will work out an individual program of medical treatment and changes that have to be introduced to you lifestyle in order to improve functions of your cardiovascular system.

Price of cardiovascular system examination in Check Up Cardio program starts from 18,000 rubles.

Pelvic examination – Check Up Gynecological

Annually the risk of oncological diseases increases due to environmental pollution, genetic predisposition and increased stress level.

Early detection of oncological diseases is the most effective way to prevent them as it allows to identify timely the risks and eliminate factors that contribute to the cancer development.

Program Check Up Gynecological

This program offers a series of diagnostic procedures and consultation with medical specialists:

  • Preliminary consultation with a diagnostician to collect anamnesis
  • Laboratory diagnostics (i.e. complete blood count, chemistry panel, urine chemistry, PCA and tumor markers, lipid metabolism and bacterial inflammatory markers CRP)
  • Medical ultrasound of abdominal organs
  • Blood pressure check
  • ECG
  • Computer tomography of the brain
  • General physical and kinesiological examination

Program of individual treatment of the patient and his comprehensive medical support is then developed based on the obtained results. The aim of the program is to prevent development of cancer.

Timely diagnostics, including oncological check-up and screening, that allow identifying possible oncological pathologies is the main preventive measure that can detect malignant neoplasms at early stages and prevent their further transformation into incurable forms.

Price of pelvic examination with Check Up Gynecological program starts from 18,000 rubles.