Quit Smoking with Life Without Cigarettes program

Our attempts to correct bad habits and quit tobacco smoking often cause a feeling of frustration. The reason lies in our inability to stop the addiction with our own resources and to resist the need to inhale tobacco fumes several times a day. It is difficult to overestimate the damage the smoking does to overall condition of the body, especially the respiratory and cardiovascular systems.

Our specialists have developed a comprehensive medical program aimed at controlled smoking cessation, restoration of respiratory, cardiovascular and other vital systems with a phased adoption of a healthy lifestyle.


The list of benefits is very long and we will list only the most important ones:

  • Reduction of chronic disease risks including lung cancer and serious heart diseases
  • Normalization of vascular tone and the entire cardiovascular system
  • Improved breathing and general well-being
  • Longer life expectancy
  • Improved sleep and functions of all vital organs
  • Improved brain function, memory and concentration.

Details of Life Without Cigarettes program

Program Life Without Cigarettes includes a complex of diagnostic, preventive and treatment procedures aimed at overcoming the harmful dependence on tobacco and restoring general body vitality: 

  • Professional medical advice (general practitioner, psychologist, dentist, VRT specialist)
  • Laboratory and functional diagnostics (ECG, spirometry)
  • Drawing up an individual treatment plan based on individual characteristics and general mental condition
  • Therapeutic and revitalizing manipulations (oxygen therapy, acupuncture, herbal medicine, etc.)
  • Therapeutic exercise such as breathing practices, aerobics with a personal coach
  • Herbal treatment that reduces urge to smoke

Accommodation in comfortable rooms of Chateau Spa&Resort during Life Without Cigarettes program includes three meals that satisfy individual guest needs and preferences, access to swimming pool, spa, bath and other treatment facilities that will help you to get an appetite for new life without cigarettes.