Alpha capsule in Chateau Spa&Resort

Alpha capsule is a brand new SPA technology, which integrates mechanical, thermal and photo therapeutic factors. This treatment combines a great number of curative effects and includes general vibrotherapy, systemic and local thermal therapy, pulse photostimulation, selective chromotherapy, audio relaxation, aroma therapy, and aeroionotherapy.

In the alpha capsule your body is warmed up, massaged with soft vibrations and get bathed in the scents of essential oils while your head enjoys refreshing ionized sea air.

A session in the alpha capsule provides a lot of benefits:

  • Improve general pshyco-emotional state and reduce internal tension
  • Relieve tight muscles and facilitate relaxation of all muscle groups
  • Accelerate metabolic processes and reduce thickness of a fat layer with vibratory massage
  • Strengthen blood vessel walls and improve cardio-vascular system operation in general
  • Warm your body up and accelerate detoxication
  • Calm nervous system and give you a sense of peace and tranquility thanks to aroma and relaxing music.

Name of Procedure Time (min) Cost (VAT incl.)

Alpha Capsule (Standard program)



Alpha Capsule ( Face massage, sculpt massage)



"Seaweed" Wrapping



"Detoxication" Wrapping (Algae)



"Three Types of Tea" Wrapping



"Peloid Guerande" Wrapping (Mud mask)



"Green Clay and Algae" Wrapping



"Amazonia" Chocolate Wrapping



"Chocolate Corrective, Cocoa" Wrapping