Cryosauna in Chateau Spa&Resort

A unique technology based on beneficial therapeutic influence of low temperatures on a human body makes cryosauna one of the most effective methods of aesthetic body sculpting and weight loss. Though the temperature in cryosauna can reach -170 Celsius degrees, it causes neither discomfort nor stress or negative sensations.

The cryosauna will:

  • Strengthen immune system
  • Help lose weight and improve body contours in problem areas
  • Effectively treat various chronic disorders in such fields as neurology, gynaecology, urology, physical rehabilitation after injuries and in case of the musculoskeletal system issues and as a part of the sports and respiratory medicine
  • Rejuvenate body by restoring cells, smooth wrinkles and slow down the ageing processes
  • Reduce stress loads and improve emotional state
  • Treat insomnia, memory issues and boost concentration

Even one session in the cryosauna will significantly improve your general state and provide a therapeutic effect.

Name of Procedure Time (min) Cost (VAT incl.)

Cryosauna (-170 С)



Cryosauna (-85 С)