Treatment of musculoskeletal system – Pain-Free Movement program

One of the main health problems that people face today is disorders of muscoskeletal system. Sedentary lifestyle, high physical loads, and genetic predisposition – all these factors increase the exposure to various spine diseases, osteochondrosis, arthrosis and other pathologic conditions of musculoskeletal system.

Our team has developed an effective comprehensive program called Pain-Free Movement which is based on kinesiotherapy that prevents, rehabilitates and treats musculoskeletal disorders.

Benefits of the Pain-Free Movement program

This program will benefit you in many ways, improve dexterity and relieve pain in different parts of musculoskeletal system, besides, it can:

  • Treat chronic and acute back pains without painkillers
  • Recover functions of musculoskeletal system by means of treating arthritis of shoulder, hip, knee, ankle, and elbow joints
  • Treat herniated disks due to osteochondritis without surgery by means of kinesiotherapy
  • Rehabilitate after replacement arthroplasty of large joints and spine surgeries
  • Recover after spinal compression fractures.

Scope of the Pain-Free Movement program

This comprehensive medical and therapeutic rehabilitation includes:

  • Laboratory diagnostics (clinical, biochemical, onсo-screening)
  • Whole body ultrasound
  • ECG, thermal imaging
  • Therapeutic and revitalizing manipulations (osteopathic correction, physiotherapy)
  • Medications, homeopathy and herbal remedies to regenerate cartilage tissue
  • Manual and hardware massage techniques, underwater hydromassages
  • Charcot’s shower, cryosauna, etc.

Additional services

Your rest and recreation in our comfortable rooms will be complemented with professional medical consultations and personalized fitness programs which include physical exercises with features of active mechanotherapy. All these activities target problem areas of your body. Besides, you are offered three healthy meals a day based on the peculiarities and therapeutic tasks set by your consulting physician.