Memory Improvement program

One of the main problems the modern world with its abundance of information (social networks, messengers, telephone calls, news and etc.) brings is memory and concentration impairment. This problem is now relevant not only for senior people but for people of all ages.

Our professionals have developed a comprehensive program of preventive and treatment procedures that focus on improvement of brain function, restoration of brain blood circulation and positive effect thereof such as good memory and concentration skills.



Treatment at Chateau Spa&Resort has the following benefits:

  • Improved memory and lucidity, you will learn and memorize information much better than before.
  • Improved focus, reduced distraction and better percipiency.
  • More positive thinking and higher intellectual productivity.
  • By restoring brain function, you will increase quantity and quality of neural connections that contribute to your overall health, body functionality and vitality.


Details of Memory Improvement program

This program was developed by our specialists and includes the following preventive and treatment procedures:

  • Consultation with a neurologist for collecting information and for health condition assessment.
  • Special complex of medical and aerobic gymnastics to restore brain activity and boost blood circulation in the brain.
  • Osteopathic correction of cervical spine and cranial bones.
  • SMC therapy (one of the world’s best methods of electrotherapy) of the collar zone that has vasodilator and stimulating effect on striated and unstriated muscles.

During your stay in one of our comfortable rooms for Memory Improvement program you will be provided with additional services, such as regular consultations with a neurologist, individual diet for improving memory and concentration and hydrotherapeutic and SPA procedures for recovering your mental state and relieving stress.

Price of Memory Improvement program starts from 35,000 rubles.