Chateau Spa&Resort in Rostov-on-Don

Chateau Spa&Resort is located in pristine area on a picturesque bank of the river Don. This quiet and calm place is perfectly cut out for restoring health and taking a relaxing break from city life with its stresses and accelerating life pace.   

Our best tailor-made medical programs and high quality services for extensive medical check-ups were developed for early detection of various diseases, unique treatment of health issues and general well-being recovery.    

Besides medical services we offer a variety of SPA treatments, including cosmetological programs, different types of massages, sauna, and baths.  Our team of medical professionals and state-of-the-art equipment help with weight loss, body rejuvenation, body sculpting, skin care, body detoxication and many other issues.

Accommodations include different types of rooms tailor-made for individual guest needs and preferences:  

Presidential Suite - a luxury a la Provence suite designed for special guests.  This 229 m2 suite is furnished with luxury white marble bathroom, cozy living-room with a mini-bar and functional kitchen area and a spacious bedroom with a “king-size” bed. VIP-service of this suite will satisfy the needs of even the most demanding guests.

VIP-rooms of Executive and Executive Suite category combine home comfort with business style providing space both for rest and for business. Handmade high-end furniture and decorative elements create unique atmosphere of sophistication and chic.     

Cross Hotel includes eight rooms that were designed only from green materials. Three rooms out of eight each have a cozy kitchen and spacious balcony overlooking river Don. Alpine France atmosphere reflected in the style of the rooms complements in an unusual way the landscapes of the Don land and create excellent space for comfortable recreation.  

Standard rooms comprise ten specious light rooms in beige and cream tones furnished for taking all treatment procedures, quiet relaxation and recovery of mind and body.

Rooms of Family Studio category will be perfect for guests with families. You will enjoy the joyful and lively textile tones set against soft homey shades of the general room interior.

Chateau Spa&Resort is located in picturesque Don region where you can improve your health and enjoy the wonderful outdoors in an active or a more relaxed way.   We offer swimming pool facilities, horse and bicycle rides and fishing. Each guest will find the best way to relax to their taste. Professional chefs of Chateau Spa&Resort will treat you and your families and friends to a variety of healthy foods made from products we produce ourselves on our own small farm.

There are several ways to get to Chateau Spa&Resort (or you can order a transfer from us):

  • If your travel by car look for exit to settlement Olginskaya from highway M4
  • Chateau Spa&Resort is located only 40 minutes away from Platov airport
  • You can also reach us by water transport, Chateau Spa&Resort has its own berth on Don river
  • Chateau Spa&Resort is equipped with helicopter landing site so that you can arrive even by air