SPA programs by Chateau Spa&Resort



Nowadays, SPA treatments are an integral part of body care both for women and men. An increasing number of men shares the opinion that it is necessary to switch from hard work to relaxation, and they no longer consider spa services as the pastime of women. In their turn, women who regularly visit SPA-facilities look much younger and their appearance is worth admiring.

Whether you take a medical treatment or enjoy outdoor recreation in the picturesque Don region, a package of SPA-programs developed by our experts will be a perfect complement to these activities.

Our programs are aimed to improve the condition of skin and muscles, sculpt your body and reduce weight that is achieved thanks to the use of the latest technologies and formulations.

Benefits of SPA-treatments in our SPA-facilities are as follows:

  • Relieving nervous tension and chronic fatigue. Crazy pace of life in megacities and everyday bustle give rise to a chronic nervous tension, the elimination of which is the best manifestation of care about health of every person who would like to lead a long and happy life.
  • Skin improvement and cellulite reduction. Excessive fat accumulated on thighs and buttocks through the years embarrasses and distresses many women. The SPA-programs aimed at reducing cellulite can also improve general condition of body skin and effectively target problem areas.
  • Weight loss and detoxication. The latest SPA-techniques help lose excess weight and cleanse your body of harmful residuals, wastes and toxins without pain and unnecessary efforts.
  • Rejuvenation and recreation. Regular cosmetic treatments designed to rejuvenate body and restore health will revive your spirits and make you feel younger.

Name Duration Elements of care Price
The program "OSMO THERMY" 75 General cleansing of the body, saturation with macro- and microelements, suppression of fluid retention, restoration of skin tone and elasticity, reduction of edema of tissues 5100
The program "X50 BODY MATRIX" 90 Weight reduction and cellulite, modeling the silhouette and figure correction, restoring the hormonal balance at the skin level, strengthening and rejuvenating the skin of the body, whitening pigment spots, eliminating the syndrome of "heavy legs"
The program "CELLULIT, VIB" 75 Reducing the manifestations of cellulite, detoxification, reducing swelling, smoothing the skin, increasing skin tone and elasticity, reducing local fat deposits 4000
The program "DIETETIK" 90 Correction of the figure, elimination of signs of cellulite, "neutralization" of trans fats, a proven reduction in hip and abdominal volumes 2400
The program "MORPHO-BUST" 60 Non-surgical breast lifting, stimulation and toning of the breast skin, increase of the tone and elasticity of the skin of the chest and décolleté, prevention of the formation of stretch marks 4200
The program "HYDRA CLINIC" - Mr. splint long-lasting hydration 75 Deep prolonged moisturizing, elimination of flaking and tightness, intensive nutrition, saturation with vitamins, slowing down of aging processes, revitalization after sunburn 5500
"GENXSKIN" program - systemic control over skin aging 75 Reducing the number and depth of wrinkles, increasing the tone and elasticity of the skin, restoring the "beauty triangle", optimizing the water balance 6500
The program "ACTI-BIOTIC" is a medical treatment for oily and problem skin 75 Deep cleansing and detoxification, inflammation and acne treatment, reduction of sebum production, elimination of hyperkeratosis and comedones, narrowing of pores and matting, moisturizing of problem skin 4000
Program "BIOPTIC" - care for the sensitive skin of the eyelids thirty Improvement of microcirculation, reduction of swelling and emaciated circles, elimination of "fat bags" under the eyes, moisturizing, restoring the tone, smoothing of fine wrinkles, prevention of age-related changes 2500
The program "Non-Invasive Carboxytherapy" 75 Deep oxygenation of the skin, intensive moisturizing of the skin, clarification, increased turgor and elasticity, smoothing of the surface, fight against scarring 4000
Skin Care
The line "FRUITHERAPY" thirty Revitalization of the skin, moisturizing the skin, lightening, saturation of the skin with valuable vitamins, minerals 550
The YOGURT line thirty Nutrition of the skin, restoration, saturation of the skin with valuable vitamins, minerals 650
RED FRUIT line thirty Delicate cleansing, exfoliation, saturation of the skin with valuable vitamins, minerals, moisturizing the skin, lifting the skin 750