Rest and pleasure

In Chateau Spa&Resort you can not only improve your health but also spend your leisure time with an interesting company.

The Rostov-on-Don Zoo is one of the largest zoos in Russia with a collection of more than 5,000 animals belonging to more than 400 species of animals. Visiting the Rostov Zoo, you will get acquainted with the magical world of animals from five continents, meet unique for the collections of zoos of the world and endangered species in nature.

Communication with such intelligent animals as horses and a chance to feel like a real horse rider improves emotional state, fights depression and is beneficial for health.

Chateau Spa&Resort has its own small horse farm offering guests horse rides in a special paddock. Upon request we can arrange horse riding lessons at school in stanitsa Olginskaya.

Bicycle rides offered by Chateau Spa&Resort are an excellent combination of physical exercise and recreation that proves that Vita Activa is the key to healthy life. Each guest is provided with state-of-the-art bicycle that will help you spend wonderful time riding around the well-equipped territory of Chateau.

Helicopter landing site of Chateau Spa&Resort provides unique opportunity to take a scenic helicopter tours during which you can observe beautiful landscapes of the region and its various sights.

Golf has recently become popular among upper class society and is seen as an attribute of privileged life style.    We arrange visits to one of the golf clubs located in Rostov region.   

One of the most extreme but tempting sports is parachute jumping. Here at Chateau Spa&Resort we can arrange your visit to one of Rostov region aeroclubs where, after professional pre-jump briefing and training, you can challenge yourself, push back the limits and make your first parachute jump.

Boat rides along the mighty Don river in warm weather will make your stay at Chateau Spa&Resort particularly enjoyable.  Picturesque landscapes that you will observe from the board of a yacht or a holiday cruiser will make you feel at peace with the world, improve your emotional state and unveil resources of your body thus facilitating medical treatment and restoring your own body strength.

Besides medical programs and a variety of leisure activities Chateau Spa&Resort offers a number of exciting tours of Rostov-on-Don city and Rostov region.  You will see cultural and historical heritage places, ancient towns, Cossack culture landmarks and other interesting sights that will enhance your experience with us. 

The museum of railway technology presents more than 60 exhibits, which clearly show the history of railway transport of the Don region. The museum exhibits 14 steam locomotives, many of which are pre-war, 2 antique passenger saloon cars, 11 freight cars, 5 electric locomotives, 4 diesel locomotives, 4 track cars, a crane on a train, and also rolling stock that entered Russia during the war years in the form of a trophy.

The village of Starocherkasskaya is a real pearl of the region, the capital of the Don Cossacks, a beautiful place with a rich history. During a walk through the village you will visit the main square - Maidan, look at the Cossack houses - smoke, visit the incredibly beautiful Resurrection Cathedral and get acquainted with the life and customs of the Cossacks.

The author's tour will acquaint you with the wonderful Rostov-on-Don and its most beautiful and romantic attraction - the Don Embankment. During the trip, you will learn the history of its creation and development, and also understand why it attracts citizens so much.

The sanatorium is located on the picturesque bank of the river Don, which opens up great opportunities not only for aesthetic contemplation of the beauty of nature, but also for fishing. You can spend your leisure time fishing, and we will be happy to prepare a good catch for you!