Chateau Spa&Resort restaurant

Our restaurant offers traditional Don region cuisine and high-quality foods prepared from green products.

Professional chefs of the restaurant will please any gourmet with the most sophisticated taste and surprise every guest with individual approach to cooking even seemingly simple dishes. Skills combined with passion every day work their magic in restaurant of Chateau Spa&Resort.

Some examples of dishes from our menu

Regular and high-quality diet is one of the most important components of healthy lifestyle and prevention of various diseases. With that in mind our chefs treat our guests to foods that are both healthy and delicious.

Breakfast menu

Always start your morning with a good breakfast. In the menu you will find tender scrambled eggs with bacon slices, cottage cheese pudding with berry sauce and fluffy pancakes with honey served with freshly brewed coffee.

Lunch menu

At noon, you can enjoy such Don cuisine dishes as Cossack borsch (beet root soup) with homemade sour cream from our own farmstead, pike perch baked with lemon slices or steamed with vegetables.

Dinner at Chateau Spa&Resort

In the evening you can relax at the lounge area overlooking picturesque bank of the Don. Here you can peace your mind and soul at any time of the year. You will find chicken croquettes, Greek salad with honey and mustard dressing and couscous with vegetables and other dishes on the menu.

Here at Chateau Spa&Resort we consider individual preferences of each guest, medical guidelines of attending physicians and individual diet prescribed by our specialists. We truly create comfortable environment for each guest allowing you to eat tasty, but healthy always keeping in mind your personal needs and medical condition.

This is how we show our care and consistent adherence to high quality standards of services and create atmosphere required for effective treatment and comfortable stay of our guests undergoing medical treatment programs. Full scope of services and professional team of Chateau Spa&Resort provide our guests with everything that is necessary to achieve maximum effect of your stay with us.