Chateau Wellness & Spa located in the picturesque Don land
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65, Zarechnaya st., Aksay

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Chateau Wellness & Spa – We focus on promoting longevity

Located in a green and clean spot by the picturesque Don River, Chateau Wellness & Spa is a unique peaceful space designed to rebuild your health and make you feel worlds away from the city that never sleeps. By offering tailored medical treatments and high quality services we can provide a comprehensive health checkup and detect any signs of disease or illness early. With our unique wellness practices and signature treatments you'll be amazed at how fast you'll start feeling like your best self again.


Discover the luxury of self-care

In addition to medical treatments, we dish out an extensive menu of spa treatments featuring facials, massages, saunas and baths. You can count on our professional team and cutting-edge spa equipment on your way to a weight loss, rejuvenation, body sculpting, skin refreshment, detoxication and much more.

Comprehensive wellness

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In-depth examination of body systems, identifying the risks of developing diseases, with an individually developed prevention plan

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SPA Relax

Outstanding spa relaxation to reinvigorate and boost your energy

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Comprehensive rejuvenation

Advanced diagnostic methods to detect any early symptoms of diseases


Our location

Located in the picturesque Don land, Chateau Wellness & Spa offers, apart from health treatments, a plenty of opportunities for active and passive recreation activities close to nature. You can enjoy a variety of unique experiences incorporating everything from swimming in a pool, bicycling, billiard, chess, boating to even fishing. Certainly, there will be something to your liking. And our top chef will take you and your family to a gastronomic journey with their dishes combining a veritable rainbow of organic products lovingly sourced from our own farm and garden

Getting Here (transfer available for any of the options):

  • By road – highway exit to Olginskaya stanitsa from the М4 highway
  • Fifteen-minute drive from the Platov Airport
  • By water - we have our own pier on the Don River
  • Besides, we have a helicopter landing site, so you can arrive even by air

Make your health and well-being a priority over all the hustle and bustle of fast-paced and stressful world - you definitely deserve it!

Located by the Don River, our unique facilities offer stunning views and fresh air for you to unwind and invigorate