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Home Check-up

Advanced Diagnostic Methods to Detect Any Early Symptoms of Diseases

Recognizing an increase in the number of health-conscious individuals, we have developed this checkup for in-depth examination of your body systems. It unlocks the opportunities to identify risks of diseases in cardiovascular system, digestive organs, urinary system, disorders of carbohydrate metabolism and hormonal status. Based on the results obtained, we will design an individual plan of preventive and therapeutic measures to take the quality of your life to a new level. An undisputable advantage is our in-house laboratory equipped to the latest standards which can deliver test results within the shortest possible time (up to 3 hours).

The Program features:

Ultrasound of abdominal organs, urinary system, thyroid gland; for women - pelvic organs and mammary glands, for men - prostate gland
Package of diagnostic tests to assess basic biochemical indicators
Consultation of a physician with hemoscanning and capillaroscopy
Medical express diagnostics with MS PRO touch screen kiosk
Bioelectrical impedance analysis of body composition

Discover the benefits of preventive health check up today so as to enjoy your life tomorrow!

Comprehensive health checkup is a package of tests focusing on early detection or risk factors that may evolve into gynecological, oncological diseases, issues with overweight or underweight as well as disorders in the cardiovascular system.