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Why choose our medical services?

It is a synergy of the latest scientific developments, unique diagnostic and medical equipment and a customized approach to every aspect of health that makes the prevention and treatment of any disease effective. We offer cutting-edge therapy based on the results of in-depth health assessment using expert-class diagnostic equipment and design personalized therapeutic and biohacking programs.

Our Diagnostic and Treatment Services

We have over 300 services to choose from, including consultations with specialty doctors, medical and diagnostic procedures, expert cosmetology, anti-age care, personal fitness coaching.

Laboratory Examination Methods

We are distinguished by a sheer breadth of diagnostic methods that provide a comprehensive understanding of your health. These methods include:

  • Clinical tests
  • Immunological tests
  • Blood biochemical tests
  • Bacteriological tests
  • Genetic tests
  • Metagenomic sequencing of the gut microbiome


These investigations are an essential part of our guests’ health assessment and include:

  • ECG recording and decoding
  • Holter monitoring
  • Ultrasound examination
  • Bioimpedance analysis
  • Haemoscanning
  • Capillaroscopy
  • Express-diagnostics with MS-PRO kiosk
  • Bio-resonance testing /vegetative resonance testing
  • Video-colposcopy

Consultations with Our Experts

After obtaining all the results of diagnostics and investigations, we develop for you a tailored treatment program aimed to deliver the most effective outcomes, taking into account all external and internal factors. You can consult such specialists as functional diagnostics doctor, therapist, psychologist, dermatologist-cosmetologist, endocrinologist, neurologist, surgeon, manual therapist, physiotherapist and cardiologist.

Therapeutic exercises (or therapeutic gymnastics) are an effective physiotherapeutic method used in the treatment and rehabilitation of people with diseases of varying degrees of severity. In fact, these exercises are an important component of therapy for a wide variety of diseases and help in the overall recovery of your body.

Our Therapeutic Exercises

We have developed therapeutic and recreational exercise plans for different categories of people, taking into account age restrictions and other individual factors. And here are the benefits:

  • Successful rehabilitation after severe injuries
  • Elimination of symptoms such as muscle spasms, joint stiffness, etc.
  • Improvement of muscle functionality, flexibility and endurance
  • Prevention of complications and general strengthening of the body
  • Exercising the body and strengthening immunity

The therapeutic effects are achieved through exercises with strictly controlled intensity adapted to the peculiarities of a sick and weakened body. The workouts are divided into two groups:

  • General workout. Its purpose is to strengthen the whole body and revive all organs and systems increasing vitality and improving your mental well-being
  • Specialized workout. It aims to eliminate any dysfunctions of specific body systems and organs

What We Offer in Our Therapeutic Exercises

The program features:

  • Recreational swimming
  • Kinesiotherapy sessions (treatment of various diseases with movements)
  • Gym sessions
  • Breathing exercises according to the Strelnikova method
  • Water treatments (Charcot shower, circular and fan douches).

Physiotherapy procedures have long proven to be an effective supplement to a comprehensive therapy of numerous diseases. They are effective in a postoperative period and in rehabilitation after traumas.

Explore our curated selection of physiotherapy services designed to prevent, treat and cure different diseases of various severity.

Our Physiotherapy Services

Our cutting-edge equipment and experienced specialists offer physiotherapy sessions designed to ensure that each guest receives the most effective treatment based on their unique body peculiarities.

The program features:

  • Electrophoresis. This method delivers drugs using a special device that transmits a constant electric current. With electrical impulses, the drugs are introduced through the skin and are transformed into positively and negatively charged particles, and they, in turn, have a prolonged effect on the whole body.
  • Phonophoresis. It is a kind of beauty care method which delivers medical or cosmetic products to the deep layers of the skin using ultrasonic devices. As a result, it promotes active oxygenation of skin tissues, improves metabolism and blood circulation in the body.
  • Magnetotherapy. This method is effective in treatment of various inflammatory processes and diseases affecting soft tissues.
  • Laser therapy. Low-intensity laser radiation has a therapeutic effect in case of diseases of the circulatory, nervous, digestive and endocrine systems.
  • Pulse electrotherapy. This method has a stimulating effect on the body tissues, improving blood circulation and activating oxidative and metabolic processes.
  • Shockwave therapy. This method uses a sound wave of a specific frequency to target that very spot in the body where a disease is developing.

When you visit a dentist to prevent and treat teeth and gums diseases you reveal an utmost care about your health. But sometimes it can be difficult to find a highly qualified professional who uses advanced dental equipment.

We offer high-class dental services with cutting-edge equipment like Intra OS 70 X-ray, multi-purpose ultrasound scanner, Diplomate dental unit and many more.

Our Dental Services

The program features:

  • An examination without treatment and diagnostic manipulations. This initial examination and careful analysis of your teeth and gums will help you clearly understand further treatment procedures.
  • Taking and reading dental X-rays and panoramic dental X-ray images. The latter helps to examine in detail the condition of the teeth, roots and canals, as well as the paradontium, sinuses and maxillary sinuses. By reading the images the dentist can see problem areas, hidden cavities, inflammation and to elaborate a treatment strategy.
  • Different types of anaesthesia (infiltration, application and conduction). The latest anaesthetics for dental treatment ensure the most comfortable therapeutic procedures without causing anxiety and pain.
  • Professional oral hygiene. This service includes ultrasonic teeth cleaning, tooth polishing and subsequent coating of teeth with Bifluoride 12 fluoride-containing varnish.
  • Treatment of caries of different degrees of severity.
  • Comprehensive endodontic treatment (pulpitis, periodontitis).
  • Restoration of teeth after endodontic treatment. It includes not only restoration, but also artistic fillings and composite resurfacing.

The cost of services is determined on a case-by-case basis

Focus on your health as it is the best gift for you and your loved ones!

Our comprehensive diagnostic and wellness services involve consultations with various medical professionals and advanced laboratory and investigation methods used in examinations and diagnostics.