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Top Treatments to Improve Your Skin and Extend Your Youth

The latest cosmetology boasts a wide array of services focused not only on improving the aesthetic appearance of the skin, but also on health treatments for women and men of different ages. Indulge in self-care rituals that will restore your body, saturate it with bioactive substances and rejuvenate your skin.

Skin Care and Rejuvenation Treatments:

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Laser Biorevitalization with VitaLaser 500

Due to its high effectiveness in reducing age-related skin issues, it is one of the popular minimally invasive and non-surgical techniques for facial rejuvenation and body sculpting.

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Face and Neck Skin Laser Resurfacing with Asklepion MultiPuls CO2

The CO2 laser resurfacing is a technique in cosmetology aimed to initiate skin regeneration and improve its condition. We use the state-of-the-art equipment which targets pigmentation, wrinkles and scars of various genesis.

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Ultrasonic Facial Cleansing with Multi-Ultrasounds Skin-System

Ultrasonic cleansing is an up-to-date fast and non-traumatic technique which solves various facial skin issues. During the treatment, the waves cause certain frequency vibrations in the skin and stimulate it on the mechanical and chemical levels.

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SMAS Lifting with Ultraformer

Those looking for a highly effective and reliable method to make your face and body skin tighter can rely on SMAS lifting. Ultraformer will lift your skin, improve facial and body contours without surgical intervention using micro- and macro-focused ultrasound.

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Microcurrent Therapy with BIO ULTIMATE Platinum

This physiotherapeutic method invigorates facial muscles thanks to its weak electrical impulses, having a stimulating effect and increasing muscles elasticity and firmness. Microcurrent therapy is designed to re-balance a cell’s electricity.

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RF-Microneedling with Scarlet RF

Microneedle RF lifting is provided by a minimally invasive device with micro-needles. This technology is very effective in fighting imperfections both in the dermis (by triggering the natural production of elastin and collagen) and in the epidermis (by renewing the cellular composition), without overheating or traumatizing tissues.

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Facial massage with Lift M6 LPG

LPG treatment is provided by a device with rotating teflon and marble balls that have a massaging effect on the skin. The treatment has the best of both worlds - kneading and vacuum effect on the tissues.

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Pamper yourself with our facials and skin treatments. Rejuvenation and health improvement – all in one session!

Our experts have developed a variety of programs involving advanced beauty care techniques and skincare products. Every program is tailored for specific needs and helps shape your body and improve skin.